jersey i.d install

jersey i.d install

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Please read thes tips to help you install you jersey at home easy.

Some extra tips - 


- with name and number placed where i want them, i always start in the middle of the name with the iron pointing up towards neck, slowly moving to the left with a bit of up down motion while applying a good amount of pressure. then back to the right side then back to the middle. then just continue down the number using the smae technique.


- if its a new jersey , DON'T run of the edges onto the print, it will smudge. if you give it a couple of washes before it usually helps or just place a tea towel over the print and you won't have to worry.


- maybe start with temp at 3/4 if its a new iron, some of the newer ones are quiet powerfull. the one we have here is a few years old now so we just run it full temp


- you can't go over board on the pressure you put in, just get into it, especially the corners and along the edges.