Graphic application

Graphic application

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Please read this to help you in applying you new decals.

Some extra points- we have been around and have learnt a little.

 - DON'T apply graphics and ride straight away. leave atleast 48 hours before your next ride.


- The longer you can hold off applying your graphics the better. when you order you decals the week of a race, apply them the night or day before it sometimes dosnt end well. try leaving yourself atleast a week to 2 weeks before applying, let you graphics sit and you will notice them become more ridgid. this time all helps the glue and clear to settle in and really apply to each other.


-An extra layer of clear is always handy. if you notice that you wear through graphics quick, try applying an extra layer of clear to the worst areas, shrouds and side plates are usually the worst but everyone is different. different riding styles and capabilities will factor in, gripping with your knees more, gripping with your legs more, even what boot brand you wear your bike brand becasue they are all different shapes all play a part of how graphics wear. doing this will help, at the most you will wear the clear and you wont have to replace a whole shroud or side plate just replace with another peice of clear before you next ride.


- If you like to keep your bike looking top notch for race day and aren't lucky enough to have a second bike, maybe purchase a spare set of plastics, at least shrouds and side plates it will take you maybe 10mins to change them over. use these while you practice and keep your race plastics looking good for as long as you can.