01 April, 2011

Honda Motokids teaching safety to St Aloysius Catholic Primary School
One of Melbourne’s highly regarded Catholic Primary Schools has been treated to an entertaining and informative presentation on the fun and exhilarating sport of Dirt Biking.
St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, situated just outside of Melbourne in the suburb of Caulfield would seem more suited to a presentation on Tennis, or even Cricket.  
However on Wednesday the 30th March Lee Hogan and his staff from the ‘Building Champions Program’ presented to the excited young kids of St Aloysius the inaugural ‘Honda Motokids’ School Safety Program.
The presentation was based on the importance of safety when riding a dirt bike along with the role that sport can play in the growing child. 
“It is such a rewarding experience to work with young primary school kids,” said Lee Hogan, director of BCP and Honda Motokids.
“They are always smiling and their eyes just light up when they see the bikes up on display.”
“It blew me away that so many of the kids at St Aloysius owned their own dirt bikes and already had a good knowledge base in the sport of motocross.”
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with the school and see first hand how fine a job they do in so many ways developing their kids.”
Upon completion of the presentation each child received a Honda Motokids Poster and sticker sheet from Honda, Fox and Silkolene.
General Manager of Honda Motorcycles Tony Hinton is right behind the ‘safety first’ message being presented to school kids Australia wide. 

“Honda knows that it is vital to begin educating children from a young age, after all these are our riders of tomorrow,” he said.
For more information on the all new Honda Motokids School Safety Program or to apply for a presentation to be brought to your school please email 


Lee Hogan, Jades Oates and Tim Vare at St Aloysius. Bikes decked out in full BCP TEAM KIT BY NINETWO DECALS